An Update to David’s Story

If I could, I’d let you hear my bird song, David says through missing teeth, but give me a few months and I’ll be back! Then I’ll let you hear it!

Nearly one year ago we met a wonderful man named David* who quickly became a regular at our Friday homeless clinic. Over time David, who is never short of words, began to share his story. You may remember the details from our annual report, where we featured his story, but this week we have an exciting update to share!

David grew up in pre-war Hungary where he had a love for animals, especially whistling to them in the yard of his home every morning. However, through various trials and challenges in his early life, David ended up facing a serious prison sentence. Throughout all of these ups and downs he never lost his love for animals; however he did lose his ability to sing with the birds. This is when we first met David (see his full  story here).

Now, fast forward a few months last week David received his new teeth and has been whistling non-stop ever since! Community members who know and love David have been calling Good Sam to tell us how happy he is and that he looks 20 years younger! We are also working to find him permanent housing so he can get back on his feet and re-build other areas of his life.

When we say we are trying to give people their lives back, this is exactly what we are talking about!

Good Sam serves thousands of patients every year, and every patient has a story. Your partnership with Good Sam allows us to redeem stories like David’s by providing quality, Christ-centered healthcare.

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*David’s name is changed to protect his privacy.