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About the Institute

The landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing, but one thing remains constant: the Good Samaritan Health Center exists to spread Christ’s love through quality healthcare to those in need. Charitable clinics like Good Sam are an important part of our state’s safety net and produce excellent outcomes for patients who otherwise may not have received care.

We created the Good Sam Institute to further our clinic’s impact and participate as a thought leader in charitable care. Specifically, the Good Sam Institute’s purpose is to convene healthcare professionals, publish cutting-edge research, and educate the next generation of providers to improve the quality of healthcare for those in need.

Good Sam’s Full Circle of Health Model embodies a focus on social determinants of health which have been proven to impact health and longevity.

If you have questions about our Full Circle model, would like to schedule a speaker from Good Sam, or would like to take a tour of Good Sam please contact our Development Team.


Convening students and healthcare professionals.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for upcoming Good Sam Institute events!

Past Events

  • Dr. Marc Carmon

    Vitamin D Insufficiency, CKD and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism: Understanding the Defects and Outcomes.

  • Dr. Monica Parker

    Advice for Caretakers Regarding Degenerative Diseases – May 25, 2016

  • Dr. James Wellman

    Understanding Your Sleep – April 5, 2016

  • Dr. Robert Spector

    Ten Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology Findings You Don’t Want to Miss – November 3, 2015


Publish cutting-edge research


Publish cutting-edge research


The Good Sam Institute offers internship opportunities to qualified students seeking medical experience. Interns are selected each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Spring internship applications are now OPEN.

Medical Internship Information


Good Samaritan’s staff nurse practitioners provide opportunities for preceptorship each semester for nurse practitioner students and physician assistance students. We have a very limited number of spaces and a very large demand. We accept only students who are in the final clinical semester. Please wait to apply until you are entering your final semester. We do give preference to students who speak Spanish as our providers are fluent and many of our patients speak Spanish.

We are no longer accepting internship and preceptorship applications at this time. Please check back towards the end of the semester for updates.

Preceptor Application