Farmers Market

Our Farmers Market is open Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm and Saturday,, 2016.

FoodRX Program

Good Sam Patients suffering from nutritionally related diseases can be prescribed a membership to our FoodRX program where they receive healthy food options at a significantly reduced cost.

An Urban Oasis

It’s long been known that the food we consume significantly impacts our health, and in many cases can control and even reverse nutritional diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. While most people realize this, often times those at the greatest risk from nutritional diseases are not able to afford, or have access to, the foods they need. For that reason, located in the heart of an area of Atlanta officially recognized as a food desert, the Good Sam Urban Farm is working to reverse that trend. The fruits and vegetables of the farm will soon be contributing to the Full Circle of Health that is taking place in the Good Samaritan Health Center next door. Through the FoodRX Program Doctors are able to provide patients with a prescription for food that can change the course of their health.