From Our Founder


I really enjoy watching The Olympic Games. The energy, drama, passion, grit, and overflow of emotion are unparalleled in sports. The great highs of a dream fulfilled and the despair of a dream failed are both expressed in tears. Athletes work intensely hard for many years, preparing for the moment when they will toe the line, looking into the eyes and hearts of other competitors, ready to launch at the crack of the gun. These participants are never alone, as they bring their families, friends, coaches, teammates, and countries into their lives and onto the edge of their seats. I am particularly moved by seeing an athlete succeed whereupon the TV camera immediately cuts to a scene of family and friends crowded together in some remote place. What happens next is predictable, yet the outburst of pure, unadulterated JOY is something I never tire of
witnessing. The scene of yelling, hugging, high-fiving, arms pumping, and legs jumping so high that they defy gravity is a thrill shared with me.

In like manner, our team of highly trained, skilled, and committed staff, “moved by compassion,” act upon an Olympic-level calling: a motivation to serve.

In the parable of The Good Samaritan, as Jesus shares in Luke 10, we find a man beaten and badly wounded, left on the side of the road to die. “Moved by compassion,” a Samaritan comes to his rescue. Our staff are today’s Good Samaritans, who recognize a need, are moved by the same compassion, and come to the aid of the broken. We are not Olympic athletes and will likely never medal at The Games. However, each of our staff is driven by Christian principles of kindness, care, selflessness, love, and compassion. In so doing, we medal at providing compassionate care for our uninsured, homeless, and poor neighbors. Day in and day out, we perform our jobs with the understanding that God has called us to the highest level of service. We don’t pump our fists nor beat our chests in victory. Rather, our victories are experienced in each exam room and through every encounter when we relieve pain, give a hug, share a prayer, or offer a word of hope. These may seem like trivial things, but to our patients, they are huge victories, victories which change lives.

As our partner in this work and mission you, too, are “moved by compassion” when you recognize the need and act by giving what you are able.

I am eternally grateful!

Bill Warren, IV, M.D.
Founder & Pediatrician