2019 Summer Update

Building Trust

Meet Jen Riley

Pictured above with Good Sam Dental Hygienist, Latrica Johnson, is Professor Jen Riley. Jen, has been coming to Good Sam since 2010 when as a college graduate she had no health insurance. Over the years, she has come to trust the providers and staff of the Center. She boldly declares that “Latrica is the only person I let touch my teeth!”

Jen embodies our Full Circle Health® model of care and you can learn more about this by visiting our Good Sam Institute page.

She describes her experience as “the best healthcare I have ever had” and is quick to add she likes to ask questions and be involved in her treatment plan. She speaks freely of her trust in her providers and says, “The team at Good Sam listens to me.” And when it comes to Good Sam, she enthusiastically adds, “everything offered, I’ve done!”

In addition to her medical and dental care, Jen is a firm believer in caring for her mental health. She confidently states that “therapy at Good Sam saved my life!” and promotes therapy for everyone as part of a holistic plan to maintain health. She sees her time spent with Good Sam counselor, Novell Blain, as a “self-care hour...all about me.” She has learned to “see the value in who I am not just what I’ve done” and states these are the ideals that keep her going.

Professor Jen is an Atlanta native and graduate of Oglethorpe University and Georgia State University, Robinson College of Business and doctoral student at Kennesaw State University.

From Dr. Bill

Dear Friend,

We often put our trust in things without giving it a second thought. We trust in the laws of nature, gravity, for example. We believe that when we rise in the morning and move to leave our beds that our feet will hit the floor. We trust in standards, an example that a twelve-inch ruler will be one foot. We trust that our currency has value, that the engineering of the bridge on which I travel will bear the weight of my car, and that the airplane in which I fly will lift off the runway. I also very strongly trust the relationships that I have with my family, my wife, children, and in-law children. When I am able to trust, my mind and heart are put at ease. I can relax and rest for there is no burden. As a patient, I trust that those who care for my health are well educated, considerate of my needs, thorough in evaluating my problem and give their very best effort in addressing and curing my malady.

At The Good Samaritan Health Center, our team truly wants the very best for those we serve. Moreover, considering that we represent Christ, we are held to the highest standard of care. We are people who trust God with our skills and their application in the care of our patients. We are taught in Psalms 37:4 “To trust in the Lord and do good.” Ultimately, we trust in God alone and do good for our patients.

Dr. Bill Warren

President, Founder, and Pediatrician

A Providers Perspective

Becoming a patient is a vulnerable experience. As a patient, you find yourself in an unfamiliar exam room being asked questions about the most personal aspects of your life. You detail symptoms, fears, and anxieties along with habits you might wish you didn’t have. Then you have to be examined. Being present to this vulnerability is both a privilege and a responsibility. Even within a clinic, trust is earned, not assumed.

Trust is the patient who starts the office visit with, “I need to tell you something I have never told anyone before,” and shares the nightmare that has been haunting them for nearly a decade.

Trust is the couple that obtained health insurance, and Good Sam is out-of-network. After one visit at another clinic, they returned, paying out-of-pocket to receive care in a place where they feel at home.

Trust is the patient who sighs when I walk in the room and says, “I’m here because I relapsed.”

Trust is the patient who invites me to come to visit her new room because she has just moved into her own place after five years of sleeping outside.

Trust is the mama who returns for prenatal care for her second baby after having her first in our program and then returns with baby number three.

We earn trust by showing up for our patients when and how they need us.

We earn trust when we call our patients with their results and take time to explain them over the phone.

We earn trust when we help patients navigate the health care system and connect them with specialists and affordable treatment.

We earn trust when we open every Saturday so patients don’t have to miss work and offer same-day appointments so patients can get help when they need it. We earn trust when patients talk about their addiction, criminal record, affairs, and past experiences, and we respond with, “You are loved by God, and you are deserving of quality care.”

Trust doesn’t start in the exam room. Trust begins when our Community Partnerships Manager is at the local schools offering engaging health programming month after month. Trust begins when the Patient Access Manager calls back every potential new patient from the neighborhood within 24 hours and helps them make an appointment. Trust starts when the van arrives at the park on Friday and the driver has a friendly greeting for everyone on the way to the clinic. Trust begins when patients receive a smile from the Guest Services Team when they walk through the door. Trust starts when the Medical Assistants ask patients about social needs and screen for depression along with asking them why they are here today.

I was talking with a patient the other day who had been skeptical about coming to Good Sam based on past negative experiences with the health care system. When she came to Good Sam, she was treated with respect and dignity, “like I am worth something,” she tells me. She keeps coming back because Good Sam is different. “They actually care about you as a human being first and a patient second.”

While we are continuously improving to meet the needs of our patients better, trust starts when we communicate to our patients that they matter and are deserving of the best care we have to offer.

Breanna Lathrop, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC

Chief Operations Officer and Medical Services Director

A joyful
heart is
good medicine!

Give Health

Building Donor Trust

Last fall, we received an incredibly significant gift from a family dear to our clinic. They have been giving generous gifts for years but outdid themselves with a considerable donation to Good Sam, which they left up to the discretion of the leadership team. Of all the beautiful emotions I felt in the moment when I received the news, the most precious was feeling the gift of their trust. That such a generous couple would trust Good Sam with their resources and believe that we would be good stewards with their treasure, was and is an honor.

Every donation we receive is not only critical to run our daily operations, but it is a gift of trust. Our donors trust us to provide high-quality healthcare for those who could not otherwise receive it. Our donors trust us to share the love of Christ through our actions and words with patients who need spiritual encouragement. Our donors trust us to partner strategically with other organizations to provide wrap-around care. Our donors trust us to serve the homeless, giving those who have lost hope a fresh start. Our donors believe that there is a Good Samaritan on Atlanta’s Westside – a calling we take very seriously. We thank you for being part of the Good Sam family and ask that you continue to trust us with your gifts to care for those in need. A gift in any amount strengthens our work and encourages our spirits.

Thank you!

Veronica Squires

Chief Administrative Officer