9 Tips for Back to School Health

It’s Back to School season and you and your little ones are ready to hit the ground running for their best year yet!

While you prepare for getting up early again, making sure you have the right school supplies, checking on all the forms and records you need, meeting your teachers and packing your lunches – we also want to help you to check another item off your list – staying healthy!

Below are our 8 tips for staying healthy this school year.

Back to School Stay Healthy Tips

  1. “Always cover coughs and sneezes. Fail to do so can spread diseases.” Teach kids to “cover” their coughs and sneezes by coughing into the crook of their arm if they don’t have a tissue. This way the germs aren’t “caught” in their hands and spread to surfaces and other children by their hands.
  2. Keep hands away from eyes and mouth. Hands are often covered in germs. Eyes, nose and mouth are the entry points for germs to get into our body and make us sick.
  3. Don’t share water bottles or food. Anything that goes in your mouth should not be shared with your friends.
  4. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. This is probably the expert’s number 1 rule to cut down on colds and flu. Teach kids to sing “Happy Birthday” while washing their hands to ensure that they get good and clean. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer especially before eating.
  5. Play! Getting plenty of exercise helps your body and mind stay healthy.
  6. Eat healthy foods. Eating a balanced diet is the best thing for growing bodies.
  7. Sleep. Nothing prepares a child more to succeed in school than getting a good nights rest.
  8. Have regular pediatric appointments. If you don’t have a pediatric home and live in the Atlanta area, give us a call today!

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