Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, where we turn our attention to those who often must face the choice of providing food for their families or keeping the lights turned on. Cooking a quality meal or paying for care insurance and gas. Getting three meals a day or visiting a doctor when they are sick. Unfortunately these impossible choices to make and there is no win-win for those who are being forced to make them. Adding even more stress to many of these families isn’t simply the financial choice that must be made, but the fact that access to these healthy food options is next to impossible as well.

Good Sam is located right in the middle of a food desert, meaning that for most of the population the nearest healthy food option is over two miles away. That may not seem like far, but when you also factor in the reality that access to transportation is also a major issue for those we serve, you begin to see a clearer picture of why eating healthy simply isn’t an option.

Good Sam, realizing that what you eat plays a significant role in your overall health and quality of life, and the fact we are situated in the middle of a food desert, decided to step into a gap and alleviate some of the stresses for many families in Atlanta. Earlier this year we launched our FoodRX Program. This program provides our patients who face nutritional related issues with a weekly supply of fresh produce as well as training on how to cook those items into tasty dishes for their families. Our on-site one acre Urban Farm grows hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables that we then deliver to patients who are part of this program.

It’s because of people like you we are able to step into gaps that exist for some of the most critically under  served families in Atlanta. Consider partnering with us in delivering and expanding this much needed service. Only $20 a month can provide a family with a full month of fresh produce and put their health on the right track for years to come.

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