Good Samaritan Internship Program

Medical Internship At Good Sam

About the Program

The internship program is designed for individuals pursuing a career as a health care provider; it offers the opportunity to gain experience in the healthcare field, train as a medical assistant, and engage in direct patient care. Our interns work alongside staff LPNs, medical assistants and health care providers to deliver high quality primary and limited specialty care to underserved populations throughout Atlanta. There is also an administrative component involved.

Good Sam’s core values include commitment, inspiration and mentorship. Our interns are more so viewed as unpaid staff members; to become inspirited and mentored at Good Sam, we first need your commitment. Excluding the summer months, each internship spans a period of four (4) to six (6) months—an academic semester or half calendar year, and can be extended if mutually beneficial. Intern assignments require a minimum commitment of one (1) full clinic day or two (2) half clinic days a week. Because this program is built into the actual clinic schedule, we ask that interns make it their priority to be consistent for their shifts. I

Important Information

Application Opens: To Be Announced
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Interviews Begin: 
Internship Start Date: 

Other notes:

The internship process is highly competitive because we only have limited capacity.
After their application is submitted, we will only follow up with the applicants who have made it to the interview round.

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